Job Development

Hiring Lumina has been one of the best decisions, we as a family, has ever made.
— Bill Buese, Father of Job-seeker

The barriers and challenges students and adults with disabilities often encounter when searching for work are well known – especially for individuals with more complex needs.  Partnering with a Job Developer provides an option to combat those barriers in a strengths-based way.  Lumina will utilize the Discovering Personal Genius™ (DPG)  process and assessment. When followed with integrity, it is a fail-proof way to move towards Job Development and securing your employment goal.    

Discovery is customized and individualized. It is a well developed, intensive tool to help job seekers reach their competitive employment goals.    

Discovering Personal Genius™ consists of 6 fluid stages:

                 Discovering Personal Genius,  Griffin-Hammis Associates,  Inc

                 Discovering Personal Genius, Griffin-Hammis Associates, Inc

This is a thorough, strengths-based assessment of an individual’s skills and interests.  Through much exploration, activities, and observation, three Themes™  are determined. These Themes™  then lead the individual into the final Job Development phase.  This consists of numerous Informational Meetings connecting with employers to see if their workplace may be a good fit for the individual.     

I am not only skilled in the Discovery process and staging record, but the the more intensive job-seeking phase as well.  I have extensive practice with “warm-calling” and “cold-calling” potential employers, setting up informational meetings, navigating busy schedules, facilitating informational meetings, advocating for an individual in a specific workplace, securing a job, and facilitating a smooth transition for both employer and employee when the job is secured. 

I will facilitate all stages and write a high-caliber, strengths-based staging record (assessment) that will be the launching pad for securing a job. 

Don't let the fear of interviews and "soft skills" and other formalities get in the way of creating the life you want with meaningful employment! I'm confident you, or your loved one, will enjoy each step of the Discovery process and walk away with a clearer portfolio of skills and interests to continue building upon.  We must continue striving to raise expectations, remove stigma, stereotypes, and barriers, and help individuals see the reality of the benefits of a working life.
Lumina will assist you in not only believing that work is possible, but also in achieving it. 

What Others Are Saying

"Samantha has helped me get through so much. She challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. She persevered with me and encouraged me every step of the way.  Samantha was creative in the meetings she set up - I learned a lot along the way that I never would have had the opportunity otherwise.  
When I was hired for a full-time position, I was very overwhelmed with the long day and new schedule.  Without Sam to help me with conversations and accommodations with my supervisors, I would have had a lot of trouble, no doubt.  She's positive and dependable.  She definitely knows how to help people find jobs."                                                                                                    -C.S., Former Job-seeker
"Sam worked with my daughter to find customized employment, and I was immediately impressed with her.  She was very enthusiastic, organized, and professional in all of our interactions.  I was amazed at how Sam was able to recognize my daughter's strengths so accurately after only a few sessions together.                                                                                 -Maria Girard, Mother of  Job-seeker                                                                                                                                

I couldn't be more thrilled to partner with you.  
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