What is Professional Life Coaching? 

Professional Coaching  is a partnership with the coach (me) supporting the coachee (you) in taking action to achieve your goals.

The beauty of coaching is that it works in any situation for any topic!  After completing the rigorous training and coaching curriculum from Coach U, I am a Core Essentials Graduate and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I am on my way to becoming an Associate Certified Coach within the framework and credentialing of the ICF.    

Sam has truly inspired me to think big and make my dreams a reality. She’s helped me see things in a different light, unpack my challenges and worries, and develop specific action steps to move closer toward my goals. She has been so encouraging every step of the way, and her advice and insights have been invaluable. I would highly recommend working with Sam!
— -Rebecca Reyes, Coachee, Founder of Spring Media Strategies

Why work with a coach?

There are countless reasons people seek out coaching.  

Some reasons coaching might be for you....

  • You're transitioning careers
  • You want more out of your current career
  • You need work life and family life to be in better harmony 
  • You're seeking healthier relationships
  • You want to move on from a past relationship 
  • You want to increase your confidence
  • You need to make a decision around a certain situation or ongoing issue
  • You want to make a lifestyle change or create healthier habits
  • You have a new or ongoing fitness/health goal
  • You've been in a "rut" or a "fog" for too long and want out
  • You want greater clarity in your life's purpose and vision

The list goes on and on!

In all coaching partnerships - no matter your starting point - you'll have accountability to achieve your goals with greater efficiency and clarity.  Perhaps you have a particular goal you're moving towards and need added accountability of coaching sessions to keep the momentum?  Perhaps you have a dream or something big in mind, but have absolutely no idea where to start?  

I will meet you where you're at, create a safe place for you to explore and discover, and assist you in taking steps in the direction you want to go.  


While working with a coach you may find you...

  • Learn to be more reflective and self-aware. 
  • Make distinctions between what you feel called to do versus  what you "should" do.
  • Say "Yes" more often to things that fit your personal mission and "No" to things that don't.
  • Decide to live more courageously.  
  • Turn mistakes into valuable learning experiences. 
  • Take more responsibility for your happiness, your career, your relationships, and your health. 
Benefits of Using a Coach
Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.
— www.coachfederation.org

My Own Experience With Coaching
I first reached out to a professional coach when I was in need of a sounding board and accountability partner to uncover my true desires for moving states and starting a business.  The momentum, movement, and ACTION I've taken in the last year and a half of working with my coach has been incredible.  Each session is different!  Each session is supportive and unique to what I'm moving through at that particular moment. 

Are YOU ready to take action? 

Do you have dreams unfinished?  Is there something that's been on the back burner that you're ready to pick up again? You don't have to know the first step; we'll explore together! Uncover the obstacles and self-imposed limitations that get in your way.  What's on the horizon for you? Let me support you in designing the life you really want! 

I couldn't be more thrilled to partner with you.
Call or email to set up your free 30 minute introductory meeting!